Oprah is ‘Finally Getting Motivated’ to Make a Permanent Lifestyle Change

Oprah Winfrey isn’t shy about discussing her weight loss ups and downs – but this time the new part-owner of Weight Watchers is determined to make a permanent lifestyle change.

Winfrey, 61, talked about how she’s working to change her perspective on healthy eating in the January issue of O magazine.

“I’ve wishy-washed with diets and exercise my whole life,” she says in the cover story, on newsstands Dec. 8. “Now I’m ready to go beyond the scale and declare a new way of being in the world.”

The former talk show host says she’s tried diets over and over again, only to get frustrated with them and fail.

Oprah Winfrey

“I was fed up with my lose-and-gain-again routine,” Winfrey says. “I’d had enough of no-carb regimens. Some people can live without bread and pasta, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. All the times I tried to do so only made me crave them more.”

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Jen Palma