Why You Need A Brush Cleaning Tablet

In my previous article DIY Brush Cleaner I talked about how to clean your makeup brushes and stressed the importance of keeping them clean and sanitary. It is essential to clean your makeup brushes to remove excess makeup, dirt, and oil. When you go without cleaning your makeup brushes it leads to break outs-something we all don’t want to deal with. I have found a new way to deep clean your makeup brushes, that is not only easy to do, but is also inexpensive. This new way of cleaning your brushes is more efficient then using your hands and will leave your brushes like new. All is requires is a plastic cutting board and a hot glue gun. How much easier can it get? Not only is a brush cleaning tablet excellent for keeping your skin clear, it is also chic, stylish, and can add a certain décor to your makeup space. Here is how to create your own makeup brush cleaning tablet.

What you will need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Small/Medium plastic cutting board (New)
  1. Wash the cutting board. It is important to scrub the cutting board to get any dust, dirt, and germs that it has acquired sitting in the aisle of the store. Towel dry and spray with rubbing alcohol to ensure cleanliness.

2. Plug in hot glue gun and allow it to heat up. This takes about 5-10 minutes depending upon what kind of glue gun you have.

3. Start adding designs with hot glue onto the cutting board. Decorate half of the cutting board with dots and the other half with jagged lines. This is how I designed my board, but for this step feel free to get creative !

4. Allow hot glue to dry completely. Wait at least 1 hour before using your tablet on your makeup brushes. By rubbing your makeup brushes against the grain of the hot glue designs allows for a deeper clean, leading to a clearer face and more sanitary brushes.

Your end product should look something like this: