IPhone 6 Challenge to test if you’re “skinny enough”

There is a challenge going viral that tests with your IPhone 6 if you measure to society’s standards of being “skinny enough.” Not only is this trend ridiculous but it is yet another of the many bizarre body-shamming trends that needs to stop.

In a Chinese social media app called Weibo, it has become a new generation of standard legs. If you look at the post you can see the amount of views and comments it has. Not only is this challenge pointless but it is starting an unhealthy trend. It makes women feel shame of their body and drive them to make deadly choices.

Many women start to lack confidence and not feel comfortable going out in public because they don’t measure up to society “ideal” image of beauty or thinness. The size of knees has no correlation to body weight. It is like comparing the size of hands to the size of one’s head. Illogical.gallery-1459870415-980x

It is a proven fact that when one loses weight, they lose fat and muscle mass. It is impossible to reduce the width of bones no matter how much of a diet is involved.

Even if someone wanted to pass this challenge, it would require an intensive diet from him or her that could affect his or her health. The only visible thing around their knees would be their skin at the end.

You can be the skinniest person alive and your knees can still be bigger than IPhone 6. This trend just needs to stop.