How to Get the Prettiest Skin Based on Drinks

Keeping up with our daily responsibilities can be tough to our skin. Stress is known for causing hunger, speeding aging process and acne. All these symptoms attribute to a not-so-flawless skin. This is when all the products we buy to help our skin look healthy and young come in.

Yet, we see that regardless of all their “amazing” advertising, they still fail us at keeping our skin clear. It turns out that keeping our skin pretty requires well nourishment of the body as well. Therefore, not only does food makes a huge impact but so do drinks. Follow my menu and say hello to clear pretty skin. I call this the Quench my Skin Menu.

Now ladies, the minimum amount of water that should be drunk should be eight glasses a day. So carry around your cute water bottle and don’t forget to drink water with every meal. As for the morning, it is recommended that as soon

Hot Coffee, Latte Art

as you wake up, you drink one green juice with a soy milk latte. Green juices contain a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin A, which helps promote cell growth and gets rid of old, dull skin. The soy milk in the latte helps keep the wrinkles away and reduce discoloration of skin.

In the afternoon, two cups of green tea should be drunk. Green tea is known for being packed with antioxidants, which helps reduce inflammation of the skin. Finally, before going to bed one glass of cucumber-infused water should be drank. Since they are 90% water-based, cucumbers are what help the drink be filled with cucumber-mint-lime-waterminerals such as magnesium and potassium. These minerals help keep the alkaline pH of skin.

There are times when eating healthy can be expensive or difficult but with these quick drinks our skin is getting the nutrients it needs. Keep washing your face every morning and taking off your make up before you go to bed, just don’t forget to include these drinks in your daily routine to wake up every day with pretty skin.