Another “skinny enough” Challenge

After the “skinny enough” IPhone 6 challenge came out, which made Chinese women measures the size of their knees; Chinese women are now wrapping their wrists with 100-yuan bills to see if they are “skinny enough”. They are sharing this on Weibo too due to the amount of views and comments they received on their last post.

The bill measures about 6 by 3 inches. The goal of the challenge is to not have any gaps showing. Women are taking this challenge so seriously that they are using smaller bills to proof that they are that much skinnier than other women.

Many women are watching this video and completing the challenge to see how “skinny” they are. They are also commenting saying how jealous they are of one another’s wrist and many are bragging about their results.

Instead of body shaming one another, we should be learning how to accept one another. We should encourage each other to appreciate our bodies for what they are and know that society doesn’t define our beauty.

We are all beautiful in our own ways and we should take advantage of our uniqueness and share it with the rest of the world. Together we can make a change and stop these absurd challenges. They only hurt women and their confidence with themselves. Lets not get these challenges farer they already have.