3 Ways to Organize Your Makeup Brushes

Do you have trouble organizing your makeup and brushes? Many people, including myself, have resorted to throwing my makeup and brushes into a makeup bag or leaving them in a drawer in my vanity.

I often found my makeup routine becoming more hectic because of the lack of flow and organization. This lead to longer makeup regimens and even had made me late a few times. After being fed up with using a makeup bag, I began searching Pinterest to find easy DIY makeup organization. I found 3 great ways to organize my makeup. The good thing about these organizational strategies is that I stuck to them, and have never went back to using a jumbled makeup bag. Here are 3 easy DIY makeup organizers that I found useful, that you will too.

  1. Clear canisters with colorful beads or rocks.

This is a great way to display your makeup brushes on your vanity or bathroom counter. The beads will add a pop of color to your room and add a chic decorum feel to your space. Get creative with what you choose to put in your canisters. You can use spray paint, glitter, bows, and ribbons. For example, my room is boho-chic so I used beads to match the feel of the room. Try to avoid colors that will disrupt the color scheme or flow of your space.

2.  Over the Door Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is a simple yet stylish way to organize your makeup and brushes. If you are a makeup hoarder like me, than a shoe rack will be the most effective way to organize your makeup. This a great way to show off your collection while adding a “powder room” feel to your space. If you chose this method, I highly suggest purchasing a new shoe rack to avoid germs, bacteria, and dirt that cleaning can not get rid of.

3.  Magnetic Board

If your trying to save on space while adding décor to your makeup space, than a magnetic makeup board is the way to go. Homegoods or Marshalls is great place to shop for a beautiful magnetic makeup board for cheap. Simply glue a small magnet on the back of each piece of makeup and stick on your board. This method is great for easy cleanup and chic organization.